Green by Diane Coffee

Only Heather by Wild Nothing

Worsening by Baths

The Way We Touch by WE ARE TWIN

I Follow You by Melody’s Echo Chamber

theboysburrito asked:
Hey, a lot of the videos won't play. They're not available in my country but I'm only from Ireland, think there's anything that can be done 'cause I really love this blog!

Hello! Unfortunately I don’t know if I can directly solve your problem, but I recommend perhaps searching up the songs (you can find the name and artist in the video’s caption) and seeing if you can find some versions that are available for Ireland!

I’m glad you like the blog!

Ocean’s Deep by Born Ruffians

emg-oh asked:
Omg. Love this blog so much.

Great! Keep on checking it out for more music!

Busy Earnin’ by Jungle