SOAK’s cover of The Mother We Share by Chvrches

Check it out!

Change of Perspective: Music In Context

Check out the newest post on Internet Noise on listening to music in different contexts!

Check out this very cool collaboration between a rising electronic artist and a indie rock superstar…

New Dorp, New York by SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig 

Dark Side Of The Moon by Chris Staples

Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl by Wet

Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays

Check it out if you generally enjoy female lead, beachy rock. 

Hi everyone!

I’m back with more posts. Here is a great song by the mysterious producer Jai Paul: Jasmine (demo).


It’s the middle of summer break and I haven’t been posting much which I sincerely apologize for, but for now here is a song I have really listened to a lot lately. More report on why it’s great soon.

Neptune Estate by King Krule